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A place of gathering, socialization, or just to relax, the living room can serve many purposes and is usually the focal point of a home’s designSometimes it can be difficult to conceive the luxury living room of your dreams! Choosing the right furniture is the first step, so enjoy and discover DST Best furniture ideas to achieve the luxury living room you’ve dreaming of!

Dst exports brings the Modern & Luxury collection of Living Room Furniture to decorate your home. We have wide range of furniture for different  Livingroom themes from traditional, contemporary to modern furniture. Explore the category and find the exclusive range of Three Seaters, Two-seaters, Chairs, Coffee Tables, Side Tables, L Shape Sofas, U Shape Sofas, Diwan, Console, Display Cases and many more furnishings READ MORE………

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A dining room is one of the main social areas in a home. It serves as a place to enjoy good food and good company but what’s equally important is that it should be a place that you enjoy spending time in. And, as all good host and hostesses know, fine dining style comes down to so much more than what’s on the menu or who’s over for dinner.

There are many practical considerations from space planning and fabric and material choices to functional elements and craftsmanship. Yes, choosing dining room furniture takes a lot of thought, but thanks to our handy buying guide, the process is made so much more simple.
Before making any big decisions, decide what you want from your dining room – that will determine a lot, from style to layout and from what what furniture you’ll include to how you’ll plan your lighting scheme. Read More….

Buy Luxury To Classic Bedroom Furniture and Get Luxury Appearance At Your Bedroom with DST Home Furniture

DST Exports offering the high end & luxury collection of bedroom furniture to decorate your home. We have wide range of furniture for different bedroom themes from traditional, contemporary to modern furniture. Check Out the category and find the exclusive range of beds, night stands, dressers, chesters, sette & benches, and wardrobes/almirah




Indoor swing have been the part for our home decor since ancient times. Even in these conventional times, one happily prefer to have swing in their home. The best thing is you can go for outdoor as well as indoor swings depending on the space in your house.

At DST Home Furniture, we present the premium quality wooden swings widely known for their expert craftsmanship and durability. Designed for customized requirements, these are available in variety of designs, sizes and materials as well. READ MORE

Luxury furniture plays a major role in determining home interior design styles today. Experimenting with a variety of furniture designs, styles, and arrangements is a great way to achieve a different look. Buying the right furniture from online, however, can be deceptive. beautiful furniture costs money, and you want to make sure it matches your style. today this blog will help you to design your home of your own taste with the help of DST Home Furniture – The Manufacturer and Exporters of Luxury & Modern Furniture for Home. It is a big online furniture store to make your home apartments luxury…….READ MORE

Gorgeous Pooja Mandir Designs For Home – DST Teak Wood Temple Collection

Without a temple at home, every Indian home is incomplete. As per the Hindu conventions, it is the symbol of peace and hope. But in today’s time, houses are very small and they do not have that much space to build a prayer room. In this situation, the wooden temple is the best option. It comes with various designs and you can buy a prayer unit as per the interior of your house. DST brings to you this handcrafted Teak Wood Temple/Mandir for home and workplaces. We have all designs of temple from peacock design to elephant carved temple in various finishes an sizes from wall hanging to bigger canopy style, DST is one stop shop solution for everything, So Explore and Get More



When designing a welcoming outdoor venue for hotel and resort guests, the outdoor pool area is one of the more vital areas to make an impression. The pool deck needs to be furnished in commercial pool furniture that can withstand the rigors of natural elements and the high-use and repeat cleanings necessary to maintain commercial outdoor pools and patios.

Yet you also want it to offer comfort and convey the potential for relaxation and spa-like experiences. DST can help your hotel or resort welcome your guests to a virtual oasis with its full range of all-weather, commercial outdoor furnishings from Relaxing Chairs to side tables and chaise lounges.

We have Huge Collection for Hotels and Restaurant with Vintage Concepts. Get Maximum Ideas for your hotels and homes. READ MORE……

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Since 2005, we have been engaged in manufacturing and exporting quality teak wooden furniture with different type of finish. Our quality controllers are attentive about quality maintenance and conduct stiff quality tests on every single piece of furniture to maintain their compliance with the international standards. Our Furniture is made in export worthy quality READ MORE……



The classic living room sofas included in the DST Home furniture sets are perfect to bring beauty to the room and to make a luxury living room. The couches are upholstered, have special finises and patterns that stand out through their decorations. The armchairs with classic lines are ensuing to the divan, to make a perfect relaxation space for the whole family. In the center of this arrangement, there can be a coffee table, which has the classic lines of the chosen set. It’s necessary in a space with this direction. The table can also be a support for decoration that matches the chosen direction. Chandeliers, sconces or wall colors can beautifully complete the erected image.

Are you looking for luxury living room furniture?

So Don’t worry here is the one shop stop solution for you Dst exports brings the Modern & Luxury collection of Living Room Furniture to decorate your home. We have wide range of furniture for different Livingroom themes from traditional, contemporary to modern furniture. Explore the category and find the exclusive range of Three Seaters, Two-seaters, Chairs, Coffee Tables, Side Tables, L Shape Sofas, U Shape Sofas, Diwan, Console, Display Cases and many more furnishing READ MORE…..

Your home is the ultimate safe place, and you have all the rights to make it the most comfortable space. The creativity within you and make a few changes here and there to make your home a elegant and attractive place. Its really tough to find and choose best for your home but online furniture store make it easy. DST Home Furniture is one stop shop for your all solutions. Get Help from us and Try adding some home furnishings from DST Collection that enhance the aesthetics of your house.

By placing furniture like sofas, chairs, dining tables, beds, storage units, curio. you can give a complete makeover to your otherwise dull and dreary home. Make your home look royal by using the world-class home furniture of DST Exports  READ MORE……

Dst exports presenting an elegant mix of traditional and contemporary designs of dining room furniture. These designer furniture pieces will create the luxury image at your place. Have a look at the category and find the exclusive range of hand carved dining tables, dining chairs, crockery cases, storage units and many more furnishings

To Create a Royal Appearance at your dining area, DST Home Furniture brings Traditional Style Heavy Carved Regal Dining Table Set for Luxury Villas and Cottage. READ MORE

You’re all set to start renovating your home but you have a limited budget and even less time, so Don’t Worry you’re in the right place. DST Home Furniture have a huge collection of furniture in various themes. A house is not a home without the finishing touches. An exclusive inventory of DST Furniture Store will create the ideal image of luxuries in your home. we are expert in remodeling and redesigning and we always fully complete each project with perfection and give you and your home the attention it deserves

Here are a few popular decoration styles with some ideas you can use to make your home reflect your personality and style with the help of DST READ MORE….


A bedroom is that place of the house where we rejuvenate our body, mind, and soul for the journey ahead. We spend some quality time with our loved ones in the bedroom. It is the place where we feel protected and cosy. The bedroom interior should ideally be bright and soothing, where the mind can relax and rejuvenate. Whatever home furniture you choose, you should be extra cautious while choosing your bed design because it is the bed style that defines your bedroom.

Looking for a bed that just stands out? Have a look at this brilliant design then! Handcrafted from wood and posts that encompass the bed, this bed design is straight out of a fairy tale. You can easily customise it with curtains and it gives all the movie feels as well READ MORE……

Are you looking to add a stylish element or a pop of colour to your room, or is there a corner that looks just too bare? Think of adding a couple of accent chairs and chaises or even just one, to your room. An accent chair and chaises can offers so much more than just an extra seat. It draws the eye and adds a dash of style and personality, and could be just the element that you need to tie the décor together. DST Home Furniture is an One Stop Shop Solution for all Kind of Home Furniture  We manufacture and export all type of home furniture including sofa, dining, beds as well as accent chairs and chaises to give extra comfort and convient at your home 



The perfect piece to reflect the royal tastes, this royal living room set anchors a seating ensemble in timeless appeal. Clean-lined silhouette with tight arms and carved feet. Carving brings out this sofa’s glamorous side, while exquisite details including high-density foam.

DST Introducing Our High End Collection of Luxury 5 seaters Sofa Set made of high-quality Teak Wood, ultra comfortable foam, elegant fabric, Magnificent Hand carving with polyester high gloss finish. This set features One three-seater + Two Single-Seaters + One Coffee Table + Two Side End Tables  READ MORE 

The dining room in any household has always enjoyed a place of pride. Whether we look at old, historical houses or the modern homes of today, the dining space is an extremely important area of the house. There are many reasons for this but the most important being that it is one place that connects food and family, both aspects that are integral to any home. Designer furniture for the dining room has been around forever, i.e. big tables in a range of shapes and sizes with master and dining chairs that make the whole meal experience something to cherish. READ MORE


Dining Room is A crockery unit is an essential piece of furniture for a well-organized kitchen or dining room. Contemporary crockery units not only serve as a secure storage option for your dinnerware and utensils, but they also add to the visual effect of your house.

DST Furniture Store” has been manufacturing, supplying, and Exporting Carving Home Furniture inclding 10 Latest & Luxurious Dining Room Showcase Design and Crockery Unit Furniture Set. There are many beautiful crockery unit designs available in the market today. After all, they will add to the beauty and glamour or your dining area, so pick with care. We give you a variety of unique crockery unit designs to choose from, to help you decide which suits your requirement the most. READ MORE 

Looking for a perfect TV Showcase Furniture to complete your living area space so your search ends here, DST Home Furniture is original manufacturer and exporters of all type of Home Furniture including TV Stands in Luxury Designs. Today DST Presenting the exclusive design of TV Stand with Cabinet

Television Showcases add value to your space with both function and style. Take your pick from our expansive guard then. TV showcases are the most utilised pieces of cabinetwork in any home. And thanks to their prominent placement in living apartments, it’s the first thing your guests will notice. television exhibits, like any other piece of cabinetwork, come in myriad styles and are designed with ample storehouse options. From your music system, books, delicate showpieces, remotes, cables and further – television show designs these days

We’ve for you +20 eye- catching television show designs to make your decision- making process simpler and your home trendy READ MORE