High End Baroque Black Dining Table Set

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High End Baroque Black Dining Table Set

PRESENTED THE PERFECT ART FOR “High End Baroque Black Dining Table Set ” !

The choice of furniture for the dining room is of particular importance, as that will probably be not only the room used by the family but also the place where we will receive guests for pleasant lunches or dinners in the company. Together with the entrance the dining room will, therefore, be the real business card by which we will introduce ourselves to our friends, acquaintances or anymore who will attend our house. DST Home Furniture is introduced latest dining “High End Baroque Black Dining Table Set ”.

First of all, we will naturally have to take into consideration both its destination and the core issue of its dimension. Is this a room for family lunches or will it be used for receptions or, again, both? Does it include only the space dedicated to lunch or even a sitting room that can be used both for guests’ reception and for an aperitif or for a pleasant after dinner? We will have luxury finishes: Carved, inlaid and with details in gold leaf, comfortable and elegant chairs with precious fabrics and also enriched with luxurious elements will, in fact , be items of great scenic impact for guests.



At DST EXРОRTS, we work enthusiastically аnd ceaselessly towards the satisfaction оf оur сustоmers. With the use of experienced аnd talented lanners with the right capacity, we give your home the innovative joy аnd sоlасe of your legitimacy. We give you refined silver оrnаte furniture from our Luxury Home Furniture Fасtоries that suit our prerequisites.


This dining room furniture includes: One Luxury Dining Table + Six luxury upholstered dining chairs + One Console Table with Mirror,+ Display Stand.

The client can add other furniture to this set such as cabinets, displays, chairs, tables, chairs, display stands, or any type of tweak furniture.


  1. This dining room furniture comes with a single table with four dining chairs, a china that illuminates the curio and an integrated console table shows open at an additional cost.
  2. The dining table is a luxurious style and is unparalleled the best setting for time and family treats, made of solid teak wood with old stainless steel and glossy finishes.
  3. This delicious dining table highlights Anne’s four legs and the top cut of the table, you can choose a marble sheet, acrylic sheet, and a stunning glass type.
  4. The raised and back seat pockets will give you and your guest complete comfort.
  5. Typical style straps that revitalize the handles, positioning the arms of the authorities, confusing drawings, and obvious emptiness.



SIDE CHAIRS: 28″L X 28″W X 51″H

Dresser:76″W x 24″D x 41″H

Product Name High End Baroque Black Dining Table Set Brand  Name DST Home Furniture
Product Featuring One Luxury Dining Table + Six luxury upholstered dining chairs  Company Type Manufacturer and Exporters since 2005
Material Premium Quality Indian Teak wood & Comfortable Fabric/Cushioning Workmanship Totally Hand-Crafted 
Style High End Baroque Black Dining Table Set Color/Finishing Antique Silver Polishing / Can be Customized
  1. “Teak furniture” is unique because it produces its own natural oil that makes it very low maintenance in comparison to other types of outdoor wood furniture. Furthermore, teak oil prevents water and moisture from sinking into the wood that can cause dry rot.
  2.  Teak requires virtually no maintenance
  3.  Teak is a dense, hard deciduous tree found in tropical regions of the world like Burma and Thailand. Tectona Grandis (the real name for teak) is one of the most valuable timbers in the world and unmatched in durability and beauty.
  4.  Teak wood is dense so it is not inclined to bend, warp, or crack over time.
  5.  Natural oils prevent teak furniture from dry rot.
  6.  Teak contains a natural resin that is a rubber-like substance. This resin acts as a natural repellent against insects and termites. Although it’s said that termites won’t eat teak, the truth is they will.
  7. Because of its inherent protective qualities, teak furniture costs more than other types of wood or metal furnishings


  1. It has Triple layer packing
  2.  These Products are packed firstly in bubble papers.
  3.  In Next Step, Everything packed in cardboard.
  4. And then wrapped in polythene paper
  5.  After these are packed in wooden created if needed

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