Lavish Luxury European Style Bedroom Furniture

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  1. Lavish Luxury  European Style Bed : 87″ L x 106″W x 94’H 
  2. Luxury  Nightstands: 28″ L x 28″ W x 30″ H
  3.  Dresser: 78″L x 23″ W x 39″ H
  4.  Dresser Mirror: 61″ L x 55″ W x 3 “H
  5. Sofa Set Settee: 80″ L x 31″ W x 41″ H
  6. Sofa Set Chairs: 34″W x 33″D x 48″H
  7. Coffee Table : 54″W x 47″D x 20″H
  8. Chest of Chester: 46″ L x 23″ W x 56″ H


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Lavish Luxury European Style Bedroom Furniture

Presently, for understanding the latest examples of a room, we have recorded the top examples that you can bring to your room. Wooden Beds generally handmade in old style just as current plans in premium quality Teak Wood. The Front, Back, and sides are made in premium quality wood with superb cutting just as remarkable examples. Our beds are accessible in different famous sizes like extra large, sovereign size, and expert size. The crate is typically made in premium teak pressed wood. Presenting the Master Bedroom furniture Set notable as “Lavish Luxury European Style Bedroom Furniture”.


Lavish Luxury European Style Bedroom Furniture

When everything is precisely made, does it uphold the entire world? Creator Revolution? by delivering high quality items. With plan and craftsmanship in its specific circumstance, it reclassifies the advantage of plan mediations in whimsical workmanship to create furniture and embellishment of present day life. The DST EXPORTS plan of action depends on the accomplishment of giving the best nature of redid items made under the immediate management of our plan specialists. Skilled workers utilize a blend of customary strategies and definite slicing methods with current hardware to make items that satisfy the most elevated guidelines of precision, along these lines, ability in an assortment of materials including teak wood, artistic, glass, earthenware, and composite metals.

Concerning room complex design, the particular space should be pleasing and an extricating up place of refuge, if you are endeavoring to convey the uttermost down the line examples to your living space or room, you should ensure that it is something that you love. With general setup styles and picking designs that reflect one’s standard segments, you can find the right one for your room. Some time back impartial tones were well known with brilliant plans or models regardless, as of now we overall are seeing a period that believes with some restraint, Customers slant toward moderate inside plans with imaginative divider finishing that consolidates cleaned parts and striking surfaces, and that is only the start. You ought to understand that headboards are back in style and are securing predominance with their huge serious shape open in splendid tones. You ought to understand that the room is where you contribute a huge segment of your significant energy, and consider that you should make the right choices while redesigning your room.


On the off chance that you would prefer not to head out miles to introduce 19the century extravagance style, purchase our furniture items that are intended to take the consideration. These items are planned by our prepared craftsmen’s utilizing conventional strategies that will continue for a very long time. Moreover, our European style of furniture has an enduring effect and approval that a basic furniture article can open up any space. These items are an ideal arrangement if your style is contemporary, natural, bohemian, or country.

European Style takes motivation from native expressions and artworks starting from the Indian sub-mainland and certain style periods to the early French and Baroque times. Extravagance furniture is equivalent words with imaginative embellishments, differentiating decorates, rich textures, beautifying manages, crown moldings, and mind boggling subtleties.


DST HOME FURNITURE brings to you a solid nature of Lavish Luxury European Style Bedroom Furniture that is planned utilizing excellent TEAK WOOD. There is no doughnut, this cut wooden room furniture has stayed one of our client top choices throughout the long term.

Lavish Luxury European Style Bedroom Furniture by DST EXPORTS is an astounding illustration of a genuinely critical, lavish extravagance plan. Your room will be the stature of noble designs with smooth, top-quality Faux Leather headboard and footboard and customary cut subtleties. Each piece of the room flaunts class from the hand-cut plans to the precious stone tufted upholstery. In this expert blaster room furniture set we give you: One European Style  Lavish Hand Carved Bed + Two Amazing Handicraft Nightstands with storage + One Seating Wooden Bench, One luxury dual door marble touch luxury Wardrobe attached mirror + One Exclusive Luxury Style Dresser with appending mirror and seating stool, One lavish & luxury drawers of Chester’s, One Sofa Set for seating purpose in bedroom in which Two Luxury handmade chairs, One European settee, one coffee table. These all are made with TEAK WOOD with polyester high gloss polish.  By and large furniture is made with teak wood with polyester shiny finish. Its manufacture or Tufting is finished with Faux Leather and Lavish Silver Crystal Tufting. It tends to be modified in King Size, Queen Size, Master Size, Maharaja Size. You can alter any of the particulars of this bed and room furniture.

  1. An extravagance European  cut Bed is the Centerpiece of the entire room, which makes your room more rich and lovely. This Bed is made of teak wood with polyester shiny finish. The Headboard and Footboard are exceptionally high quality by our talented craftsmen’s. The Lavish Luxury Headboard truly made this bed more rich. The Tufting of this bed is finished with a beautiful crystal button on both (head and foot). Generally the unit is Awe-Some Master-piece for your room.
  2. The Two Hand Carved Nightstands add more brilliance to your silver extra large bed. These two are additionally made of teak wood with polyester shiny finish.
  3. The Bedroom Set is n’t finished without a dresser, in this luxury room furniture we give you a super lavish luxury designer  wooden dresser with a connected mirror. It has two Door cupboards with three drawers on each. The cutting and completing of this dresser is totally ideal for your rooms’ Aura.
  4. With its removing the top line and huge stockpiling of free drawers and cupboards, his extreme DST assortment closets features. This Luxury European Wardrobe Double Door with middle attached mirror. Two additional drawers in your wardrobe with a solitary open entryway are for your further use. It is an incredible illustration of a room set of the DST EXPORTS brand name show-stopper.
  5. The Chairs of this living set is made of teak wood with elite shiny hand managing a lot. It approves of these backrest plans.
  6. The Center Table/Coffee Table is framed of teak wood with polyester reflexive consummation. The Overlay of the table is changed (as displayed by your need), you’ll switch this table upholstery with marble glass, shining marble sheet, reflect glass sheet, direct glass sheet, acrylic sheet, etc
  7. Our enthusiastic and fulfilled ordinary customers from the USA, UK, Australia, Fiji, Ukraine, Canada, England, Kenya have made kind out of explanation of appreciation, given us their critical surveys, assessments on Google and Facebook. Purchasing From a huge show up openly be an encounter you’ll appreciate and you might be back for added.
  8. In this Bedroom Sofa Set, we provide you One European Carved Wooden Settee/ Chaise made of Teak Wood with polyester high gloss polish. The Legs of the settee are designed in a hooks style. The  Leather Tufting or Fabrication adds more glory to this settee. Customers can customize its specification as they want.
  • The Lavish Luxury European Style Bedroom Furniture Includes:
  1. One Lavish Luxury  European Style Bed
  2. Two Luxury  Nightstands
  3. One Wooden Crafted Bench
  4. One Lavish Luxury Wooden Dresser with attached mirror & seating stool.
  5. One Wooden Chester
  6. One Large Luxury Wardrobe
  7. One Sofa Set : Two Chairs , One European settee with coffee table
  • Features of Lavish Luxury European Style Bedroom Furniture:
  1. Luxurious Bedroom Furniture Collection
  2. Wooden Carved European Style
  3. Metallic/ Glossy Golden Finish
  4. Elegance on Grand Scale
  5. Ornately Carved
  6. Upholstered Headboard and Footboard with Crystal Button Tufting
  7. Unique and Extraordinary carving on the frame
  8. Furniture Framework: Teak Wood
  9. Termite & Moisture Free
  10. Super High end Work
  11. Totally Weatherproofing


Lavish Luxury European Style Bedroom Furniture
Lavish Luxury European Style Bedroom Furniture


  1. Lavish Luxury  European Style Bed : 87″ L x 106″W x 94’H 
  2. Luxury  Nightstands: 28″ L x 28″ W x 30″ H
  3.  Dresser: 78″L x 23″ W x 39″ H
  4.  Dresser Mirror: 61″ L x 55″ W x 3 “H
  5. Sofa Set Settee: 80″ L x 31″ W x 41″ H
  6. Sofa Set Chairs: 34″W x 33″D x 48″H
  7. Coffee Table : 54″W x 47″D x 20″H
  8. Chest of Chester: 46″ L x 23″ W x 56″ H
  9. Large luxury wardrobe: As per you customizations


Product Name Lavish Luxury European Style Bedroom Furniture Brand  Name DST Home Furniture
Product Featuring One Bed + Headboard + Footboard+ Dresser+ Chester+ Nightstands + Wardrobe + Sofa Chairs Set + Settee +coffee table + bench Company Type Manufacturer and Exporters since 2005
Material Premium Quality Indian Teak wood & Comfortable Fabric/Cushioning Workmanship  Unique Hand-Crafted & Well Cushioned & Fabrication
Style Lavish Luxury Bedroom Furniture in Lavish Luxury Style Color/Finishing Glossy Golden Finishing & Marble Polish

“Teak furniture” is unique because it produces its own natural oil that makes it very low maintenance in comparison to other types of outdoor wood furniture. Furthermore, teak oil prevents water and moisture from sinking into the wood that can cause dry rot.

  1.   Teak requires virtually no maintenance
  2.   Teak is a dense, hard deciduous tree found in tropical regions of the world like Burma and Thailand. Tectona Grandis (the real name for teak) is one of the most valuable timbers in the world and unmatched in durability and beauty.
  3.  Teak wood is dense so it is not inclined to bend, warp, or crack over time.
  4.  Natural oils prevent teak furniture from dry rot.
  5.  Teak contains a natural resin that is a rubber-like substance. This resin acts as a natural repellent against insects and termites. Although it’s said that termites won’t eat teak, the truth is they will.
  6. Because of its inherent protective qualities, teak furniture costs more than other types of wood or metal furnishings


It has Triple layer packing

1) These Products are packed firstly in bubble papers.

2) In Next Step, Everything packed in cardboard.

3) And then wrapped in polythene paper

4) After these are packed in wooden created if needed.

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    DST Home Furniture has been manufacturing, supplying, and Exporting Carving Home Furniture Products for the past 20 years. Wood Carving is a fine art that is developed with years of experience and knowledge about the quality of wood. We have a professional working team to complete each and every project.

    Here we offering” you the whole range of Home Furniture which includes BED & BEDROOM SETS – Beds Dressers & Chester’s, Night Stand, Settees, Benches. DINING ROOM – 4 Seater/6 Seater/8 Seater Dining Sets Chair & Stool, LIVING ROOM – Luxury Sofa, Antique Sofa, Wooden Sofa, Corner Sofa, Diwan, Teak Wood Swing, Temples, CHAIR – Accent Chair, Lounge Chair, Rocking Chair, Wing Chair, High Back Chair, Exclusive Chair, Love Seat, and room divider partitions, and cupboards”

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    >Handwork and Natural Wood

    Throughout the whole furniture design and production process, we manufacture the antiques of the future, which can always remain valuable with the of carving, painting, embroidery and upholstery art by using first class natural wood and deep handwork.

    >Worldwide Delivery

    We can send our furniture to many parts of the world without any problems.

    >Secure deal

    At DST, Here we are offering you secure dealing because we will provide fumigation certificate and insurance of each and every product so In case of any damage you can claim so it is so secure to have deal with us.