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Luxurious Carved Silver Dining Table Set

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Luxurious Carved Silver Dining Table Set

  1. Semi-circular Dining Table: 108 x 48 x 31
  2. Master Chairs: 30 x 28 x 54
  3. Dining Side Chairs: 30 x 26 x 54
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Luxurious Carved Silver Dining Table Set

Luxurious Carved Silver Dining Table Set


Presenting “Luxurious Carved Silver Dining Table Set” made by DST HOME FURNITURE. The dining room is one of the prominent social areas in the home. There is nothing but a place to promote good food and order but what is equally important is that there is nothing but a place where you value the power of an investment. And, as every good chef and king knows, high-end food style boils down to what he has on the menu for anyone at dinner.

Many ideas are ranging from space planning and texture and material decisions to practical and artistic objects. Indeed, choosing furniture for the living room requires a lot of thought, but there you will visit here; you will track your favorite decision and novel.


Introducing the “Luxurious Carved Silver Dining Set” with a custom-cut dining table with Ultra current cum class class. This Fine Dining Furniture is usually made of teak wood with a shiny polyester edge. In this elite outfit, you will be tracking down the flawless and best craftsmanship that comes from the old and appealing world appeal. Wooden Dining is created with the strong quality of premium Teak Wood. This Wood has a remarkable grain and is surprisingly strong.

  • This Luxurious Carved Dining Room Furniture Consists:

  1. Two Master Silver Chairs with High End Carving
  2. Six Silver Fully Carved Dining Chairs Without Arms
  3. One Semi Circular Dining Table With Dual Carved Base Stands
  4. One Silver Carved Console Table
  5. One Fully Silver Upholstery Crockery Case

  1. The High-End Semi-Rounded Silver Carving Dining Table is made of Teak wood with a polyester reflexive finish. The base of the feast is wonderfully made, all around are dressed. The overlay of the table is made of an acrylic sheet & glass sheet. The standard unit is ready to set the furniture set of a beautiful lounge area.
  2. The dining chairs are carefully assembled as you can find in the picture. The dining chairs  are made of teak wood above the cut line on the head or legs. The legs of the chairs are cut in Anne style. The finishing and polishing of the dining chairs shine brilliantly to make it truly amazing.
  3. We offer you a hand-crafted console table in this rich dining set, It may add size to your lounge area. There is nothing but a large mirror with an outer cut and a basic weight cut. Wing has cabinets that will keep you valuable.
  4. In addition, the Crockery Case is one of the teak woods with another type of high cut and cut. The standard unit is prepared with an acrylic glass. It has two cabinets in the lower part of the case. You can show off your splendor in this beautiful clay case.
  • Specifications of Luxurious Carved Silver Dining Table Set:

  1. Formal Dining Table with Carved Chairs
  2. Silver Carved Luxury Style
  3. Metallic Silver Finish
  4. Elegance on Grand Scale
  5. Glass Top Table
  6. Upholstered Material Faux Leather
  7. Unique and Extraordinary carving on the frame
  8. Furniture Framework: Teak Wood / Composite
  9. Termite & Moisture Free
  10. Super High End Work
  11. Totally Weatherproofing


Luxurious Carved Silver Dining Table Set
Luxurious Carved Silver Dining Table Set


  1. Semi-circular Dining Table: 108 x 48 x 31
  2. Master Chairs: 30 x 28 x 54
  3. Dining Side Chairs: 30 x 26 x 54
    Product Name Luxurious Carved Silver Dining Table Set Brand  Name DST Home Furniture
    Product Featuring 1 Dining Table+ 2 Master Chairs + 6 Side Chairs + 1 Console Mirror + 1 Crockery Case Company Type Manufacturer and Exporters since 2005
    Material Premium Quality Indian Teak wood & Comfortable Fabric/Cushioning Workmanship  Unique Hand-Crafted & Well Cushioned & Fabrication
    Style Luxurious Silver Carved Dining Color/Finishing Metallic Silver Finish

“Teak furniture” is unique because it produces its own natural oil that makes it very low maintenance in comparison to other types of outdoor wood furniture. Furthermore, teak oil prevents water and moisture from sinking into the wood that can cause dry rot.

  1.   Teak requires virtually no maintenance
  2.   Teak is a dense, hard deciduous tree found in tropical regions of the world like Burma and Thailand. Tectona Grandis (the real name for teak) is one of the most valuable timbers in the world and unmatched in durability and beauty.
  3.  Teak wood is dense
  4.  Natural oils prevent teak furniture from dry rot.
  5.  Teak contains a natural resin that is a rubber-like substance. This resin acts as a natural repellent against insects and termites.
  6. Because of its inherent protective qualities, teak furniture costs more than other types of wood or metal furnishings


It has Triple layer packing

1) These Products are packed firstly in bubble papers.

2) In Next Step, Everything packed in cardboard.

3) And then wrapped in polythene paper

4) After these are packed in wooden created if needed.

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DST Home Furniture has been manufacturing, supplying, and Exporting Carving Home Furniture Products for the past 20 years. We have a professional working team to complete each and every project.

Here we offering” you the whole range of Home Furniture which includes BED & BEDROOM SETS – Beds Dressers & Chester’s, Night Stand, Settees, Benches. DINING ROOM – 4 Seater/6 Seater/8 Seater Dining Sets Chair & Stool, LIVING ROOM – Luxury Sofa, Antique Sofa, Wooden Sofa, Corner Sofa, Diwan, Teak Wood Swing, Temples, CHAIR – Accent Chair, Lounge Chair, Rocking Chair, Wing Chair, High Back Chair, Exclusive Chair, Love Seat, and room divider partitions, and cupboards”

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