Victorian White Hand Carving Royal Dining Room Furniture

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1.   Table: 106″L x 48″W x 32″H(Can be Customized)

2.   Chair: 27″W x 28″D x 56″H(Can be Customized)

3.  Crockery Case : 79″W x 23″D x 92″H (Can be Customized)

4.   Console With mirror  76″W x 24″D x 41″H(Can be Customized)

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Victorian White Hand Carving Royal Dining Room Furniture


Dining areas are essential regions at home, and they need to feel warm and welcoming. Nonetheless, as of late, we have seen that Indian metropolitan homes have more modest feasting regions. Many lounge areas come as a piece of the family rooms. Therefor it is imperative to design designing room smartly. DST EXPORTS put forward their latest dining room model named as  “Victorian White Hand Carving Royal Dining Room Furniture“. It must be increase you luxury Aura in front of your buffet guests.

If you are looking for procure a dining room furniture from a manufacturer, you’ve landed at right place. DST EXPORTS is a direct factory supplier of residential & commercial furniture in general. We have our manufacturing unit set-up in Punjab, India from where we directly exports to specially our international clients, foreigner furniture supplier, and for home use. While most of the furniture that comes off the our production line is either exported or directly supply to commercial businesses, we also do sell to buyers seeking for teak wooden handcraft dining room furniture as per their demands.


Victorian White Hand Carving Royal Dining Room Furniture

The dining area has home décor, It is a place where relatives talk, gossip, and share time rather than serve food. Let’s talk about the advanced art of DST EXPORTS inspired by the Victorian era.


  1. There are a variety of useful and amazing ideas ranging form spatial planning to spatial and material selection to the functional and technical aspects.
  2. Instead that, select the dining room furnitures set requires a lot of thoughts, however thanks to our DST assortment which offer you number of dining room furniture designs in which you will select your classy design and modify it through your own customization.
  3. DST EXPORTS (Home Furniture) brings you this pre-set dining furniture made with TEAK WOOD and polyester shiny finish.


This dining room furniture includes: One Victorian White Wood Carving Dining with a table changer + Two master dining chairs with six dining chairs + One large Victorian Console with extra mirror + One High End Carved Curio your spectacular display.

The client can add other furniture to this set such as cabinets, displays, chairs, tables, chairs, display stands, or any type of tweak furniture.

  1. This dining room furniture comes with a single table with eight dining chairs, a china that illuminates the curio and an integrated console table shows open at an additional cost.
  2. The dining table is a Victorian style and is unparalleled the best setting for time and family treats, made of solid teak wood with old stainless steel and glossy finishes.
  3. This delicious dining table highlights Anne’s four legs and the top cut of the table, you can choose a marble sheet, acrylic sheet, and a stunning glass type.
  4. The raised and back seat pockets will give you and your guest complete comfort.
  5. Typical style straps that revitalize the handles, positioning the arms of the authorities, confusing drawings, and obvious emptiness.


  1. This cut-out dining room furniture design combines an excellent game plan with a help set from time to time. Extended and well-cut legs include magnificent arrangements with a built-in or irritated tone to balance the ancient cleansing of the table. Table 96 96 grows to 136 ″ of additional 20 20-leaf seats.
  2. 8 richly decorated white dining chairs are associated with this sleek design with stunning cabriole legs made with an acanthus floral pattern on the legs for extra separation. The overhead of the nailhead adds ivory sewing accessories to the arrangement of the seat and the back of these side seats. Two Special Seats + Two Side Seats, the client can add as many seats as needed.
  3. Complete the look by adding the console table shown at the end of the table to complete this setup. Finished with antique white lime as the table and side chairs these simple chairs join the highlights of the Nail head and the extremely curved arms to complete the look.
  4. Add a white china-lit curio (clay case) with this set. Finished with an ancient clean associated with the table and chairs this lighting fixture illuminates the antiqued power pulls and equipment to complete the look. Royally carved motions carelessly fix the power crown and are done with an annoying fulfillment that creates as much as a table look.


Victorian White Hand Carving Royal Dining Room Furniture
Victorian White Hand Carving Royal Dining Room Furniture

1.   Table: 106″L x 48″W x 32″H(Can be Customized)

2.   Chair: 27″W x 28″D x 56″H(Can be Customized)

3.  Crockery Case : 79″W x 23″D x 92″H (Can be Customized)

4.   Console With mirror  76″W x 24″D x 41″H(Can be Customized)

Product Name

Victorian White Hand Carving Royal Dining Room Furniture Brand  Name DST Home Furniture

Product Featuring

One  Dining table + Eight White Carved Dining Chairs + One curio + One White mirrored Console Company Type Manufacturer and Exporters since 2005
Material Premium Quality Indian Teak wood & Comfortable Fabric/Cushioning Workmanship

Totally Hand-Crafted 

Style  White Dining furniture in Victorian Style Color/Finishing Glossy White Polishing / Can be Customized
  1. “Teak furniture” is unique because it produces its own natural oil that makes it very low maintenance in comparison to other types of outdoor wood furniture. Furthermore, teak oil prevents water and moisture from sinking into the wood that can cause dry rot.
  2.  Teak requires virtually no maintenance
  3.  Teak is a dense, hard deciduous tree found in tropical regions of the world like Burma and Thailand. Tectona Grandis (the real name for teak) is one of the most valuable timbers in the world and unmatched in durability and beauty.
  4.  Teak wood is dense so it is not inclined to bend, warp, or crack over time.
  5.  Natural oils prevent teak furniture from dry rot.
  6.  Teak contains a natural resin that is a rubber-like substance. This resin acts as a natural repellent against insects and termites. Although it’s said that termites won’t eat teak, the truth is they will.
  7. Because of its inherent protective qualities, teak furniture costs more than other types of wood or metal furnishings


  1. It has Triple layer packing
  2.  These Products are packed firstly in bubble papers.
  3.  In Next Step, Everything packed in cardboard.
  4. And then wrapped in polythene paper
  5.  After these are packed in wooden created if needed

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